Frost, Shade, Wind Protection

Frost Cloth

The Frost Cloth is made from Polypropylene spun bonded non woven cloth

  • Width : 3.2metres (Max) – 18gr, 30gr, 40gr/sq metre
  • Roll lengths: 500-2000 metres/roll
  • Colour: White

Frost cloth is specially for protecting young plants and seedlings from early frost which could kill the young plants before maturity. Our Frost Cloth can also be used for decoration purposes – Parties and weddings.
Availability of Frost Cloth – ex stock New Zealand


Windbreak & Shade Cloths (Agri textiles)

Black Green Leno Windbreak Material & Shade Cloths



  • 100cm
  • 200cm

Constructions for Windbreak material: Roll lengths: 50 metres – UV stabilized also heat set
Specification: 32×36/10cm – 62 grams/m2
Windbreak is available ex stock


Shade Cloths

Shade Cloths are Made from Polypropylene – 50 metres/roll, 12% UV stabilized for 10 year warranty

Shade Cloths – Shade factor:

  • 90-95% (woven cloth)
  • 80-90% (knitted cloth)
  • 70% (knitted cloth)

Our Shade Cloths are supplied with lacing holes in selvedge

Availability of Shade Cloths – ex stock New Zealand or against indent.


Shade Cloths for sports venues/centres

The most commonly used Shade Cloths for this purpose is our Shade Cloths factor: 90-95% (woven cloth)

It can be made to suit your area and structure, either overhead shade cloths or side shade cloths. Our shade cloths are available with lacing holes and butterfly clips in selvedges for attaching the cloth.

Availability of Shade Cloths – Ex stock New Zealand or against indent.


Groundcovers for Construction & Agricultural purposes


White Lobrene Groundcovers


  • 100cm
  • 200cm
  • 300cm

Weight: 100 grams per sq metre

Availability of White groundcovers – ex stock New Zealand.
White Groundcovers of widths up to 530cm or any multiples eg. 300cm + 230cm is available against indent order.


Black Polypropylene Groundcovers

Width: 91cm & 183cm
Roll lengths: 50 metres UV stabilized Specification: 1000D x 1000D, 11×12, 100gsm
Our Black groundcovers are possible in all widths up to 366cm

Availability of Polypropylene Black groundcovers – ex stock New Zealand or against indent


Black/Green Woven Groundcovers


  • 91cm
  • 183cm

Constructions of Black/Green Groundcovers: 1000D x 1000D / 14×14 in
Roll lengths – 100 per sq metres – UV stabilized 35%

Availability of Black/Green Groundcovers – ex stock New Zealand


Heavy Duty Lobrene Groundcovers


  • 91cm
  • 250cm

These Heavy Duty Lobrene Groundcovers can also be used in road and building construction purposes. That is to stabilise the ground, drainage & embankment.
Roll lengths – Any length as required.

Availability of Heavy Duty Lobrene Groundcovers – ex stock New Zealand


Rain Protection Cloth

Rain Protection Cloth for Cherry Trees

This cloth is made from woven Polypropylene tapes, Rain Protection Cloth covers and protects Cherries against damage / bursting due to heavy rain fall.

The constructions of our Rain Protection Cloth:


  • Widths: 400cm, 520cm and 600cm
  • Weight: 525 grams/meter
  • Roll lengths: 100 metres per roll or as required
  • Specification: 1500D 10×10/in

UV stabilized to meet industry requirements

Order of Cherry rain protection cloth to be indented against firm enquiry.


Bird Netting and Rain Protection Cloth for Cherry

This is a combination of rain protection cloth on individual row and bird protection cloth cover over multi rows. This method is the most effective way for bird and rain protection for Cherry trees.


  • Widths: as required
  • Roll lengths – can be made according to individual requirements.

UV stabilized to meet industry requirements

Order for both bird netting and rain protection cloth to be indented against firm enquiry.

Reflective cloth, Mulch Film & Weed Mat

Agri Textiles – Reflective cloth / Mulch Film / Weed Mat


Reflective Mat

This Reflective woven material has a number of advantages over ordinary Groundcovers.
Its reflective property takes the heat & light from the sun back to the trees and the cloth is excellent for the fruit ripening process. Reflective cloth also is breathable, excessive water can pass through to the ground and prevent moss growth.

White Polyethylene reflective Groundcover –

Roll lengths: 100 metres per roll – UV stabilized Width – 270cm


Mulch Film

This product is usually only required for one season therefore UV protectant is not usually added.

Mulch Film is extensively used to modify soil temperature, limit weed growth, prevent moisture loss and to improve crop yield and productivity.

Thickness: 30um & 120um – Mulch Film can come with holes or without holes.

Availability of Mulch Film – against indent.


Weed Mat

Weed mat is used mainly to prevent weed growth, moisture & temperature loss and to improve crop yield and productivity.

Weed mat availability – ex stock New Zealand


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