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Bird Protection Nets / Bird Catching Netting (For cherries and grapes)


Agricultural – Textile Product

We supply Agricultural Textile including fabrics & products for Viticulture, Horticulture & Agricultural improvement.
This product range is also available to growers, nurseries and gardens to nurture and protecting the plants and crops.


Bird Protecting Netting for Viticulture & Horticulture of the Agricultural sector of the industry.

100% Polyethylene Monofilament bird netting .
Our importation of Bird Protection Netting for Grapes commenced late in 1998 following several years of product development.

We are now offering both netting of Diamond configuration and also Hexamesh netting, a Hexagon knit bird netting.


What are the features


  1. Netting construction is important and can vary from area to area.
  2. Bird Netting – Mesh sizes vary from 9mm up to 28mm.
  3. Our bird netting is consistent in length and width and were designed for stretching or draping.
  4. UV treated bird netting to give a minimum of 9-10 years use (with proper handling & storage).
  5. Nets are supplied in a specially designed Black UV treated bird netting storage bags and have a repair kit.
  6. The netting has a different colour coded centre or edge line to identify year of manufacture.
  7. The construction of our bird netting gives superior drapability and enhances light permeability.


What is the product


  1. Widths of the bird netting – 1.2 metre up to 12 metres for side or single row coverage.
    These are the most common widths for bird netting.
  2. Our width 12 metre to 25 metre for cross row covering is also available but forward ordering is required.
    For Horticultural use widths of bird netting can be up to 50 metre wide by joining can be offered.
  3. Colour mainly White & Black but all colours are possible against forward order of bird netting.
  4. Length of nets – Our standard bird netting is 300 metres but can be shorter or longer against forward order.


Bird control using nets

After years importing Bird netting successful, we are now extending the sales area.
Nelson has a major bird problem, so it is a good area to test and monitor the use of our netting.

Nets have two uses:


  • Ensuring you get a good crop
  • Ensuring high quality fruit

New Zealand is an Agricultural country specially vineyards are often isolated and surrounded by other food sources leading to heavy bird pressure. Other forms of bird control are limited, scaring devices work on a narrow range of birds and may only drive them to the other side of the vineyard. Shooting – the full cost of shooting is often overlooked. Problems arise with nearby houses, traffic and people not to mention broken motorbikes.

Wax eyes are a problem late in the season, so we require a small mesh size. Width sizes of 4.2m, 5m and 6m, allows floating net (so as not to pickup pruning) to full dropping with a true 6 metre net. You dont have to stretch our net to get the size.

We recommend a range of measures, netting and scaring devices. Full netting is often used around the outside and especially close to trees.

Fruit quality – The big benefit of bird netting is improved fruit, small pecks in berries lead to diseased and rotting fruit. No one wants V.A. in their wine. A strong case for the tariff removal could be based on this alone.

Bird Netting Cost:

  • Cost, we have bought the cost down and are now working for removal of the tariff.
  • Correct netting mesh size for local conditions eg. Wax eyes.

Ease of use, our Bird Netting handles well , and we have an easy storage bag. We also sell s wide range netting placement and recovery machines, please ask, we can offer suggestions that may be of use. Nets centre line will be year colour coded to allow you to easily tell a net’s age.


Bird catching nets / mist nets (Nylon)

Bird Catching Nets – Also refer to as hair/mist nets.
A very fine Black filament netting which is not visible to the naked eye.

Very effective in orchards and vegetable gardens where Bird Netting is not possible to be used. Bird catching nets are made to catch the birds before they can get to the crops. Bird netting & bird catching nets have make a huge difference for a better harvest for our Agricultural industry

Lengths of Bird catching netting:
3 metres wide and either 30 metres or 15 metres long.
Black cords around edges of bird catching nets for easy handling.

Availability of Bird catching netting – ex stock New Zealand

Hail Net & Frost Cloth

Hail Net Diamond – with two cross threads

Constructions of Hail Protecting Net:


  • Mesh size : 9mm, 10mm, 11mm & 12mm
  • Roll lengths: 300 metres/net or as required
  • Specification: 450 Denier through to 700 Denier
  • Colour: White or Black

This cloth is mainly used to protect crop from hail damage. Availability of Hail Protection Net – ex stock New Zealand or against forward order.




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