Other Bags

Onion & Citrus Bags

A coloured Leno weave Onion & Citrus Bags for packing onions & citrus fruits, garlic & potatoes etc.

These Onion/citrus bags are made with or without draw tape closures and also with band labels for company logo.

Our Onion & Citrus bags are available in 5, 8, 10, 25 and 50 lb. sizes printed up to 5 colours.

Other than Onion/Citrus Bags we also supply other Polypropylene & Jute bags.

Usually limited stocks/sizes available. Large orders by arrangement.


Hessian Bags, Jute Fabric, Wine Bags & products

Hessian / Jute Fabric – Environmental friendly products

Hessian / Jute fabric is available in widths:
From 29 inch upto 78/80 inch but reasonable manufacturing quantities are required for indent orders.
Weight of Hessian / Jute fabric range from 4.5oz/40″ up to 14oz/40″

Hessian bags / Jute bags all sizes & weight of fabric

Jute / Hessian Bags & Sacks of Heavier weight fabric:
These are available to customers requirements

Polypropylene & Jute bags (Jute weft + PP weft)
Stronger & lighter than equivalent weight of Jute sacks/bags

Other Jute products – Jute / Hessian decorative fabric & Jute / mixture decorative fabric
With or without flame retardant.

Jute Carpet Backing Yarn

Jute / Hessian, Caddis, (waste) Cuttings & fabric

Jute / Hessian Canvas

Supply from Bangladesh & India

Wine Bags & other bags



  • Jute wine bags / Hessian Woven Bag
  • Can be natural Jute or in colours
  • Size of Jute/hessian bags – depends on the number of bottles of wine to be put into the bag
  • Inner packing of Jute wine bags: with partitions to suit 1 bottle, 2 bottles, 3 bottles or 4 bottles.
  • Double handles – can be rope or bamboo handles.
  • Logos and designs can be printed on to the jute / hessian bags.


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