Scaffold Cloth

Scaffolding nets & Raschel nets

Made from Polyethylene

Scaffolding Nets for building construction sites



  • Width: 240cm
  • Colour: can be any colour to suit your requirement
  • Printing: Can be arranged – minimum quantities apply
  • Roll length: 100 metres
  • 90gsm

Availability of Scaffolding nets – ex stock New Zealand or against forward orders.


Raschel Nets for windbreak or for minimum shade factor & Scaffolding


  • Width: 91cm & 183cm
  • Colour: Blue, White, Green & Orange
  • Roll length: 100 metres
  • 110gsm


  • UV stabilised – with selvedge holes
  • Availability of Raschel nets – ex stock New Zealand or against indent.

Raschel and scaffolding nets are in roll form.


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